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Leather & Sustainability in Retail conference  Only a few places left The Leather & Sustainability in Retail Conference 2017 is sponsored by Stahl, Smit & zoon
GST rates for leather and footwear industry related items GST council has recently notified the GST rates for many products including leather (Chapter 41) and leather products (Chapter 42), Fur skins and fur items (Chapter 43) and inputs used in leather and footwear industry. The GST rates for the major items used in leather industry are given below.

Items GST Rate Raw Hides and Skins and Semi - Finished Leathers (including Wet Blue and Crust Leather (Chapter 41)) Raw Hides and Skins (4101 to 4103)5% Semi - Finished Leathers (4104 to 4106)5% Finished Leather (Chapter 41) Finished Leather (4107 to 4114), Composition Leather (4115)12% Raw and Tanned Fur Skins (Chapter 43) Raw Fur Skins (4301), Tanned Fur Skins (4302)18% Articles of fur (4303) and artificial fur (4304)28% Leather Goods, Garments and Saddlery items (Chapter 42) Leather Goods, Leather Garments , Gloves(expect sports gloves), Saddlery etc., (Chapter 42)28% Sports Gloves (4203)12%